Sea Botton XII , acrylic on canvas - 1995 (see all Gallery)



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About Me

Large ORIBOMBO   196.85  x  69 in
Planeta  Azul - Station Se in  Sao Paulo Metro, Brazil.  2005

My Background

Since the youngest age I already knew what I wanted to do, and also everyone around me already knew  too. I used all the moments I had painting , drawing or creating objects and small sculptures inspired by nature, which was rich and abundant in the immense backyard of our house in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I have learned to love and respect nature at an early age, and being thankful as well for the beautiful and perfect God's creations.  This way, going to college to study fine arts, and after having obtained my master degree in history of art was predictable, also having my own art gallery as well.  I think all of us have a mission here on the earth, mine I think is showing with art and love, some things such how is important to take good care of the air, the earth, and all the living things that inhabit them. They're a gift! 

( Left side is a photo of a large  Oribombo, 2005 -  Featured guest Artist for the Exhibition International Environment Day, Sao Paulo Metro Station, Sao Paulo-SP, Brazil.)


My Medium

Using many different mediums, such as clay, acrylics, oils, engraving, sculpture, nature finds during the last 30 years, I consolidated my modern visual artistic career. With art exhibitions around the world, and culminating but not ending my searches, with the creation of the Oribombo, a mixture of various techniques involving copper, tin, painting, collage, sculpture and engraving. Contemporary color, composition and language translate me as an artist of the postmodernity. 

(Right side is a photo of  one of  Rose Perussi's art room,  a triptych  called  Blue Aquarium,  during the Arte em Campos Exhibition , at the Home Green Home Hotel, Campos de Jordao Sao Paulo-SP, Brazil. 2009


My Inspiration

All the contemporary artists were influenced in some way by the artistic schools that preceded them, and could not be different in my case. I fell in love with Impressionists from the first sight, at an exhibition at the Museum of Art of Sao Paulo, Brazil, then Matisse, then Kandinsky revealed himself to me ... these took my breath away, and at the same time Luiz Sacilotto, Evandro Carlos Jardim , Baravelli, Aldemir Martins, Adelio Sarro, Mario Gruber, and many other Brazilian artists, some of them were my teachers or personal friends and influenced me without doubts with their works, stories and passions. 

(Photo on left ,  Art Exhibition  at Galeria do Forte, Chaves - Portugal, 2005.


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